Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tiling starts

Its been a crazy few weeks, and i haven't had a chance to update you all on the progress of our house. The tiling started the other day - each day goes so fast i cant remember what day this actually was now! I was able to meet the tiler on site and introduce myself and run through the process with him. I was very particular about the way i wanted my tiles to look, my SS knew this. He rung me several times one morning just to make sure i was happy with what the tiler was doing and to ask my opinion. I felt very confident in the tiler's job and also trust my SS 100% so left some final decisions upto them. He said he had been doing it for 9 years and was able to do exactly what i wanted. I wanted clean straight lines, and as little grout lines as possible. Most importantly i just wanted everything to line up.

The Floating vanity kickers were able to be tiled in the floor tile. This was something i had seen on websites a lot more frequently, and i tried to request this with DiL because the kicker selection on my DiL sheet was crossed out. When i questioned this and said i wanted the floor tiles i was told that EBH don't tile this because its a floating vanity, and that i had to take it up with the SS. I was so confused i started to even question what vanity i was getting. I thought perhaps i was getting a wall hung vanity that was completely floating - perhaps it was part of the upgrade. I waited until the vanity was in, and SS confirmed that's what EBH class as the floating vanity - and yes it would be tiled in the wall tile as this was standard. Shame i couldn't request otherwise because DiL confirmed EBH don't tile it. I don't know if it was me not understanding what was on the sheet, or DiL not understanding what i meant. but there was certainly no option on the sheet for me to choose to have this done in the floor tile.

Anyways my SS spoke to the tiler and if there were floor tiles left he would do the tiled kicker in the floor tile. Thankfully there were tiles left and i was able to get it done to match the floor. I think it hides the panel alot better.

When i met with the tiler, he said someone else was coming to grout the tiles later on as he had to head to another job. Not to sure why he couldn't finish the job himself.

This is what it looked like after my tiler had laid out all the tiles. I was so excited i couldn't wait to see it all grouted.

Main Bathroom - Chose Matte Tiles - LOVE!

Main Bathroom Shower

The TINY Drysdale main bath vanity! its a very small 750mm.
Would of loved to of swapped cupboards for drawers

Ensuite Tiles. LOVE the large 300x600mm tiles

Shows the kicker in the floor tile.

The tiles we selected were all part of the standard range apart from the bathroom Wall and floor tiles. They didn't cost that much extra to upgrade either. I was really worried with the tile selections its so hard to choose tiles from only viewing 1 or 2 tiles, and not being able to view them in natural light either makes it hard.

Here is the link to the tile seelctions - Bathroom Selections


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