Thursday, 27 February 2014

Kitchen Cabinets Installed

Lots has been happening since my last post. With the house all locked up on its hard to see the progress and what has been happening inside the house.

SS keeps me well informed all the time, which is great. From my last post we now have the doors hung, Wet areas all done, and the most exciting news of all is we have bathroom and kitchen cabinets in.

Met with SS yesterday to run through the tiling process and also discuss the look i as trying to achieve with the tiling. He knows im quite fussy about the way i want things to look and its fantastic that he is so pro-active in discussing things with me to ensure its done right from the start to avoid disappointment and to avoid having to re-do things later on if they get it wrong.

Its great to have an SS that is willing to meet and discuss everything rather than me always be chasing him and wondering what the next stages are.

We are now waiting for our big front door, the Essastone Bench tops through out and the tiling to be done.

Here are some pics of the cabinets so far. Its all starting to take shape.

Main Bathroom Vanity - Tiny Size only 750mm wide! Quite silly not very practical.
Not really liking my colour choice so far. Its mushroom linea, lets see if it changes once tiles are in

Kitchen Island Bench cant wait to see my bench top with waterfall edges

Main Kitchen Area where Stove & Oven will go

Overheads - No Handles with undermount rangehood 

Doorway to Walk In Pantry and Fridge Space

Ensuite Vanity - Love! Looks so good

Ensuite Shower after water proofing

Main Bathroom Shower after water proofing

Monday, 10 February 2014

Site Clean & Insulation Installed

The external part of the house is now officially all done (if you don't count garage door) A full site clean was completed last week and the remaining Brick clean was completed too. The bricks have come up looking so good! Love the way it has turned out! and if i knew who my Brickie was id give him a big hand shake and say "Thank -You" because the bricks look amazing! and the mortar is so neat too.

The site is super clean! They always do such a great job cleaning up after every trade has been through.

Today when i did a drive by i noticed the Insulation batts installed in the garage. All looking pretty cozy, i believe they should be finished over the next few days and the gyrock will start to be installed! Can not wait for the next Site meet up when i get to go through and really see the size of each room and get a feel for how big the place will be!

Batts used are Bradford Gold rated 3.5 for the roof due to Basix regulations and R2 for the walls. We also got the optional sound proof batts installed for the home theatre/Bed 2 wall to block out some of the noise coming through the walls.

Nice and clean front windows

Garage Insulation Installed

Monday, 3 February 2014

Variations to the Drysdale Floor Plan

 I have been lucky enough to come across several other Drysdale Home Builders over the past 6 months. Being able to email and chat to people on the net who are building the same house with the same builder makes things so much easier. 

We have been able to remind each other of things that have popped up during the builds and also passed on any feedback for fellow EBH builders and Drysdale builders to look out for or question so the same mistake isn't made again. Without my EBH builder friends i wouldn't of been able to find out half the things i did find out about. And im sure i wouldn't of been able to be as prepared as i was.

Im so thankful for all their help! (Guys if you're reading this a huge THANK YOU to each and everyone of you)

This blog aims to help those not only building the Drysdale, but also those building with Eden Brae and i hope that the insights i leave here make someone else's build in the future just that little bit less stressful.

I have asked my fellow Drysdale Builders for copy of their floor plans so that you can see different structural variations that have been made to the homes. Each of us have made the small little changes to make the home unique for us and how we live our lives.

I think its a great way to see the potential the floor plan has, and how easily adding a wall here or there, changing the kitchen around can change the look of the plan.

Below are the different options ive come across:-

Drsydale 27 - Original Plans
Drysdale 27 - Extended Alfresco & Re-Arranged Bathroom
Porter Davies in Victoria does a similar Floor plan. I love the ensuite. And if i had of seen this may of opted for our ensuite to be changed like this and hide the ugly toilet.

Study Changed to a WIR & Shaded area is extra living space added

Drysdale 29 - Study Turned into WIR & Shaded area is extra living space.
Garage and Main Bedroom flipped to create more backyard side access

Kitchen & Study re-modelling

Saturday, 1 February 2014

SS Meet Up & Eaves and Downpipes Installed

On Thursday i met up with SS to take a look through the house and go through the next stages of the build. The house is looking amazing! So impressed, and so happy with how it looks.
Every question that i had to ask, SS was able to answer on the spot and was on the ball with everything.

A couple of Queries i had were:-

1. water in U pipe that goes through the floor to the Island bench - This will get taken out prior to the kitchen install.

2. Why is there gaps above the windows? This allows for the expansion of the wood, without it the windows would be placed under a lot of pressure and could crack.

3. About a 20mm Brick overhang off the slab, apparently all good, and not a major issue.

4. Broken Noggins - Getting fixed that day

Apart form the above i couldnt notice anything else that didn't look right. Not that I really know what to look for.

Completely 100% trust our SS and the job he is doing, therefore dont feel the need to stress over the little things that could go wrong. He always tells me exactly what he is planning to do, and is keeping me involved every step of the way.

The Eaves, Downpipes and Brick Clean (90%) have all been completed.

Next things in line are the electrical guys come in to place wire.

Then Bring on the Internal fit out! Cant wait!
Roof Completed - And already looks dusty :(

Brick Clean!

Nice Clean Bricks

Eaves Installed


Eaves Front of the house, Front still to have brick Clean