Monday, 10 February 2014

Site Clean & Insulation Installed

The external part of the house is now officially all done (if you don't count garage door) A full site clean was completed last week and the remaining Brick clean was completed too. The bricks have come up looking so good! Love the way it has turned out! and if i knew who my Brickie was id give him a big hand shake and say "Thank -You" because the bricks look amazing! and the mortar is so neat too.

The site is super clean! They always do such a great job cleaning up after every trade has been through.

Today when i did a drive by i noticed the Insulation batts installed in the garage. All looking pretty cozy, i believe they should be finished over the next few days and the gyrock will start to be installed! Can not wait for the next Site meet up when i get to go through and really see the size of each room and get a feel for how big the place will be!

Batts used are Bradford Gold rated 3.5 for the roof due to Basix regulations and R2 for the walls. We also got the optional sound proof batts installed for the home theatre/Bed 2 wall to block out some of the noise coming through the walls.

Nice and clean front windows

Garage Insulation Installed

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