Saturday, 1 February 2014

SS Meet Up & Eaves and Downpipes Installed

On Thursday i met up with SS to take a look through the house and go through the next stages of the build. The house is looking amazing! So impressed, and so happy with how it looks.
Every question that i had to ask, SS was able to answer on the spot and was on the ball with everything.

A couple of Queries i had were:-

1. water in U pipe that goes through the floor to the Island bench - This will get taken out prior to the kitchen install.

2. Why is there gaps above the windows? This allows for the expansion of the wood, without it the windows would be placed under a lot of pressure and could crack.

3. About a 20mm Brick overhang off the slab, apparently all good, and not a major issue.

4. Broken Noggins - Getting fixed that day

Apart form the above i couldnt notice anything else that didn't look right. Not that I really know what to look for.

Completely 100% trust our SS and the job he is doing, therefore dont feel the need to stress over the little things that could go wrong. He always tells me exactly what he is planning to do, and is keeping me involved every step of the way.

The Eaves, Downpipes and Brick Clean (90%) have all been completed.

Next things in line are the electrical guys come in to place wire.

Then Bring on the Internal fit out! Cant wait!
Roof Completed - And already looks dusty :(

Brick Clean!

Nice Clean Bricks

Eaves Installed


Eaves Front of the house, Front still to have brick Clean


  1. Wow the bricks look great all cleaned up. Looking lovely, bring on the inside pretty stuff!

  2. It's Leanne btw, apparently I'm unknown haha

  3. lol i wonder why it shows as unknown