Monday, 20 January 2014

Gutter & Fascia Install

Today we had our gutter and fascia installed. Looks great. So happy with the colour combo. Cant wait to see the roof on and bricks all cleaned

Gutter - Monument
Fascia - Dune

Gutter & Fascia Installed

Front Portico

Garage Side

Main Bedroom

Garage Front

The Roof Tiles were also delivered ready for Wednesday Install.

Roof Tiles delivered


  1. That looks great!!!!

    Leanne xx

  2. It does look great! I can see that your new house is coming along well. Soon, you’ll get to experience the fruit of your labor. Looking forward to it. Anyway, how’s the brick cleaning?

    Evan Ford

    1. Thanks heaps! The brick clean was awesome! read through a few more pages and you'll see pics of after brick clean!

  3. Nice! I’ve read some of your other posts and am glad with how your house is turning out. The pictures are too small but I can see that your gutters match well with the brick walls. Hopefully, you’ll be able to maintain it regularly to avoid water run-off damage on your house’s structure.

    Tami Garcia

  4. Impressive work! Having gutters help in making your future home look neat, and you can redirect some of the rainwater away from pathways and driveways to avoid slip ups. And maintaining them regularly helps in making sure that they are unclogged and in top shape, so that they would not cause overflows or rust in time. I'm sure your contractors have made ways to prevent those from happening, so you should rest easy while the rest of your house in coming along. Thanks for sharing!

    Evan Ford @ Easy Fall Guttering

  5. These are so important to get repaired. It looks like you guys did a phenomenal job throughout the labor! We are needing to get some gutter and fascia for our duplex.