Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I can officially say "we will be living in our house this year" - Happy 2014 for us!

I didn't realise that it has been over a month since i last updated! So glad Christmas and New Year are over! Far too much going on to keep up with updates on my blog. 

The best part is we can say "Were moving into our brand new home this year!" BRING IT ON!

Ill give you a quick run down on the past month!

Things that made me smile!
- Brickwork started a few days before construction stopped for the Christmas break. They managed to do one little section on the back wall before taking off. It was awesome to see our bricks in real life though. And was loving what i saw too!

- Steve our SS rings to wish us Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy holiday with the family - what an awesome guy! Speaking to other EBH builders their SS's didn't ring them! so top points to Steve for taking the effort to do that.

- Steve rings after Christmas to say that brickie will be back 6th January to keep working on our house! Also wishes us Happy New Year! Plus letting me know roof is booked for 22nd January!  Getting closer now! So glad we didn't have to wait the 5 weeks that was stated in our contract where no action was too happen! in the end it was only a couple of weeks and we were so busy with Christmas that the time flew by really quickly.

Things that made me frown!
- Nothing " Oh Happy days"

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