Saturday, 18 January 2014

Look above you and consider your cornice choices

Today it was brought to my attention that there are several choices in cornices that you can get. And this was something that EBH didn't even mention to us, when you're busy thinking about colours and kitchens and other upgrades its easy to forget to look above and consider cornice choices. They can change the whole look of a room. Had i been told about the choices available i would of gone with the Trio Cornice for my living areas.

I think it makes a room look really finished off, like that extra mile has been taken to make the house a beautiful well presented dwelling and not to skimp on the attention to detail.

Fellow forum members had brought this to my attention, its a shame Eden Brae couldn't. And now its too late to change.

So i wanted to write this post tonight so that future Drysdale or EBH builders will know whats available, and perhaps are given the opportunity to request a different cornice.

The upgrade Lifestyle Package we paid for included the Symphony 75 cornice in the living areas, and the standard plain Cove cornice 55 to the bedrooms, Portico, Garage and Alfresco

The other one i have seen looking amazing in some EBH builds ins the Trio Cornice.

Gyprock Range of available Cornices
Drysdale Display home with Symphony 75 cornice

The Trio Cornice

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