Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Now its looking like a house - Bricks, Bricks, so many Bricks

Brickwork Started on the 18th December. 

The rear wall on Bedroom 4. Not much was done, but it was something! And something we could actually view to see what the mocha brick we had chosen looks like.

Just to re-cap - when you go to PGH Bricks the wall that you choose from isn't very big, and it looks different depending on the time of day you go. We did a drive by some homes that were built with mocha to give us an idea. But for a standard Brick in the standard range we are loving what we see.

A beautiful earthy colour that should stay quite neutral for the years to come. 

18th December - Day 1 | Bed 4

9th January - Day 3 | WIR & Ensuite started

9th January - Day 3 | Home Theatre, Bed 2-4 completed
The different times of the day makes the brick look very red in some photos. Its a beautiful blend of brown with some red coloured bricks thrown in the mix.

10th January - Day 4  | Garage started

10th January - Day 4 | Front view of Garage

10th January - Day 4 | Living and Dining Room started
Didn't notice any work over the weekend!

13th January - Day 5 (No Photos)
Everything was completed except the front portico and 3 main bedroom windows.

Im having withdrawals not seeing our house today! It took all my willpower to not drive up there after dinner tonight. Hopefully that just means we will get more of a surprise if we head up tomorrow to check it out.

These guys are powering through! They should be finished by the end of the week and the gutters and fascia are set to arrive on Monday to be installed and ready for the roof.

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