Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Brickwork Completed - Well almost

Brickwork is pretty much done! If you count a few extra bricks to finish a pylong and then the brick clean and site clean! 

It looks A-MAZ-ING! So happy with it! We can now see our beautiful home right before our very eyes. The bricks are stunning! LOVE the off White Mortar and Ironed finish! 

Yay for MOCHA! and all in standard range too! Even better to love something that doesn't mean we had to pay for an upgrade like everything else we wanted.

If i calculate the amount of working days they took to build. Starting from the 18th December there were 10 official working days and the Bricklayers worked (from what we could see) for 8 Days to brick the house. I guess tomorrow will be clean up and then they still need to clean the brickwork too! If we think it looks HOT now imagine once the clean is done how good she will look.
Brickwork Completed

3 Front Windows to Main Bedrom

Rear Wall and Backyard

South Side Wall

South Side Wall

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