Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Windows Installed

Moving right along! almost ready for Brick work now. SS said we should get a few bricks laid next week if the weather holds out. Then construction takes hols as of next Friday. Returning in January to finish the bricks. It will be a long wait! im so eager for them to keep on moving right along.

All that is left before bricks is for the plumbing roughin. Bricks should arrive on Friday!

Colour choice APO grey. Branded Stegbar.

Only issue we can see is that they forgot our toilet window. This was an added room to the house so it must of been overlooked. 

For those reading before deciding to build - Remember to order your obscure glazing on the bathroom windows!

Main Bedroom Windows


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  2. Great job so far! How's the project coming along now? I understand that the weather makes it really hard to continue with the construction, but I hope to read from you soon. Best wishes!

    Kyle Hoffman @