Saturday, 7 December 2013

Features that ARE NOT standard on the Drysdale

I thought that i would take some time to let future Drysdale (or EBH) builders know the sort of features that are not standard inclusions on the house. I was lucky to have read a lot of forums and other blogs and found information that helped me ensure certain things that i wanted included were.

1. Wire Shelving in the WIP comes as standard.
I dont know any house that has wire for shelving in a Pantry. EB should just include melamine shelving as standard. Although the upgrade to melamine was $800, and i wasn't going to pay that much money for 4 MDF melamine Shelves. Ill update after handover.

2. The portico does not come slabbed as part of the house.
You will get the same option as your chosen driveway - concrete or pavers.  We paid approx $350 to have the H class slab extended to include the portico so we can tile this later on.

3. The windows in the privacy rooms (IE toilet bathroom) are clear glazing.
You have to opt for he obscure glazing. They dont tell you about this, i only found out about it from reading other forums. Why EB doesn't include obscure as standard i dont know! OR why they dont bother telling you that its clear glass and giving you the option to upgrade i also dont understand!

4.) The design doesn't include an internal garage door.
To add one cost us $299 for the Deco1 Door that will match the rest of the doors in the house.

5.) Rainwater Tank as standard is round. Check council guidelines in your area, our council requires them to be a certain distance from boundary, which meant we could never fit a round water tank, and had to pay $1328 for the slimline version.

6.) We chose the harvard facade, And opted to get the brickwork included instead of the cladding. This change didn't cost anything

7.) Closed off the opening from study to living room. This didn't cost anything.

8.) The standard bench width in the kitchen is 800mm, the Kellyville display home shows a 900mm width island bench. I got a bit of a shock when KC told me it was 800mm, I had to pay to increase it to the 900mm and then in the end increased it again to 1000mm width.

9.) There is a normal hinged door included on the WIP, i changed it to a Cavity Slider (CSD) which wont be as restrictive when entering the pantry.

10.) There is no door as standard on the ensuite. We paid $280 for a CSD Deco 1 Door

11.) Note the fridge cavity. We had to adjust ours to suit the larger style fridge and end up with a 1000mm cavity. For RHS opening fridge doors you need to be aware of possibility the door will hit WIP wall.

12.) Overhead cupboards are not included in the standard design! 

13.) Di Lorenzo will charge you an underlay fee for any tile that is over 20x20cm for wet areas and 30x30cm for the main area, Even when they call it the standard range tile and you choose a 45x45cm, the term "standard" relates tot he tile, not the size. We got caught here when we received the quote and they had charged us for underlay on the wet area tiles.

14.) Antenna is not included in the standard inclusions. You add this on at electrical appointment if you want it.

15.) You get one double powerpoint in each room as standard. Electrical soon adds up quickly when you want a couple of points in each room.

Im sure there is more, and if i think of more along the way i will make another post. But for anyone building the Drysdale there are so many options and features that you dont get told about unless you ask for it.

Another example of the Eden 4 door we have, we were only told of the translucent and the standard clear. I found out later that there are about 8 options of different glazing you can have in your doors. I have no idea why they didn't tell us about it.

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