Wednesday, 14 May 2014

In goes our flooring

Our flooring was installed over 2 days. This really transformed the house and made it feel complete. I was also finally glad to get rid of the dust that was on the concrete flooring. I couldn't clean or do anything as it was just getting covered in the really fine dust only moments later.

Its been a long wait to see the vinyl floors get laid. They're such a new product, and after a few recommendations decided to give them a try. Hours of researching and reading up about the product, and then also ordering samples and visiting our flooring guy (Choices Flooring Blacktown) to check out all the samples he had in his showroom. If you're after flooring yourself go and visit Tony, he is so helpful and a great guy too - he will point you in the right direction and give you some really good advice along the way.

In the end i ended up choosing the Polyflor Looselay in the blond country oak. The loose lay is a product that doesn't require gluing into place. Its also 5mm thick and has a layer of underlay under each tile. The tile we chose is also slightly textured. There is so much to consider and i guess since its so new i really dont know what the floors will look like years down the track.

But now that its in all i can say is AH-MAZING! i LOVE it! it feels so soft and warm to walk on, and leading into winter i am quite grateful im not walking on cold tiles. Friends who have told me about this product ahve said they will never go back to tiles again - and i can kind of see why.

My SS knew all about the floors and every step of the building process was there to make sure the flooring was considered. 

We took into consideration
- Slab and how smooth it is - as the vinyl needs to be laid on a super flat surface so it doesn't look rippled when laid
- Door heights are catered for tiles as standard which EBH allowed 25mm for, the flooring being so thin means gaps under doors are larger than usual. so we have actually dropped some doors in the house by 10mm to fix this issue.
- Skirting was still nailed home
- Wet area step ups do become rather large. the standard angle they use is 40mm, the floor is think so leaves a step up of 35mm. this really bothered me to begin with and have been trying to think of ways to hide the step, but now that its done i think ill just leave it, we will get used to the big step, and its better than to cluttered the streamlined effect with a ramp leading upto it - if we start tripping over it we may have to look into something.
- if youre considering this, speak to builder about the thickness, make sure they know its quite thin so they are aware of things that may need to be adjusted.

Coming from a house that was tiled, it will be a bit of an adjustment to the way we treat our flooring. You cant use a steam cleaner on it, and you cant drag furniture over it as it will damage it. The planks are commerical grade but it doesn't stop it from scratching. If we treat it like its real wood then it should hopefully last a long time, and the best part is, we have spare panels so we can just pull a damaged plank up and replace it with a new one.

Ive had several trades comment on how good it looks - some think its wooden tiles, others think its laminate. They are shocked when i show them its a vinyl plank. Now that its laid you relaly cant tell until you touch it and walk on it. Its quiet too, which helps when im getting ready for work and dont want to wake the kids, or when the kids are playing and running through the house its not loud like the laminate flooring can be.

Ive given my house such a warm inviting feel, and in winter when its cold im looking forward to not having to stand on the cold tiles. 

Lets hope this product passes the test of time and im still raving about it in 5 years time.

Something to seriously be considered if you're wanting something different to laminate but please do your research! you want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting and what all the pro's and con's are with it.

Stainmaster Carpet to all bedrooms

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  1. Amazing! I really had to look closely to check if those were real hardwood. Anyway, I guess it's a really sound decision to have vinyl flooring. It costs way less than hardwood, but it looks as gorgeous as the real thing. I do hope you get to fill your canvass of a house with wonderful images in the form of decor and furniture. All the best! :)

    Tamas Orban @ Palm Beach

  2. Looks great! What about in summer, wouldnt it be warmer to step on compared to timber flooring? Is the surface of vinyl flooring textured or as smooth as timber flooring?

    1. is great in summer, still nice underfoot. There is smooth ones you can get, but ours is textured. I love it!

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