Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Main Bathroom

The main bathroom is my fav room, its only small so didn't take much to decorate. 

Id like to find a new plant and pot for in there, perhaps a succulent as the one i have now doesn't like it too much, and id like a vase to sit on the bath hob. Just waiting until i come across the perfect one for the space.

The venetians were installed by Nepean Blinds  Theyre the poly  Venetians, so hopefully no problems with the steam and moisture in the room.

The towels, Laundry Hamper and wall art are all from Adairs.

The soap Dispenser is a plastic one, perfect for the little kids so they wont break it, but i love the colour. That was from howards Storage

You can see further pics on the bathroom IN THIS POST and  also IN THIS POST TOO 

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  1. Gorgeous! Such a great job done by you. I would like your work style and nice choice of Caesarstone which you used in bathroom renovation.