Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Light me up!

Two years after moving in we finally got our lights sorted and got rid of the batons. I claim a "minimalist low fuss look" with the baton install - but hubby didn't buy it, it was time to get the downlights and pendants. Trying to research what was the best downlight was hard - too hard so i didn't bother trying to confuse myself with Lumens and colour of the light or what was best and what to steer clear of. There is far too much information out there that its just a little too overwhelming for me.

Speaking to some electricians some will tell you the trend is daylight and some will tell you the trend is cool white - it's "just what you prefer" they would say..............

So that's what i did - work out what type of colour i liked. Speaking to Harvey Norman lighting in Penrith they were so helpful. They let me borrow a daylight and a cool light option to take home and hold up in our house.  I knew i hated the yellow warm yellow lights so that option was out. And we settled for in between cool and warm "daylight 4000k" The brand we brought has a samsung chip and Harvey Norman said its their best seller. A great quality bulb. We are very happy with them.

Adam from Adspark (0414 858 213) a local Electrician installed them for us. He is a great guy and we were happy with the job that he did. 

The pendants were purchased from Beacon lighting. A bit of a loss for me (cant win all the battles) i didn't get the pendants i wanted. I wanted the white scandi looking ones, but hubby wanted the plain classic glass ones - atleast they wont' date. And its good to just get something hung in the kitchen and foyer. and they definitely wont clash with anything in the house being so neutral.

Another job to cross off the list!

Foyer Pendants

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