Friday, 18 November 2016

Landscaping Progress - Out the Back

When we first moved in and keen to just get rid of the dirt surrounding the house we put bark around the plant along the side of the house next to the alfresco. What a mistake that was!

It only looked good for the first week! After that we were battling the dog digging in it, every time it rained and the dog would walk through it and then bring the mud/dirt under the alfresco. When it was dried up it would create dust. It fades really quick and the dirt, rocks from the build, leaf matter all got mixed in amoungst it. It looked horrible!

We put up with it for 2 years before hubby finally got over it and changed it over for he river pebbles 40mm - What an amazing difference it makes! He shifted 2.5tonnes of rock to fill this space. and we love it! And will never have to re-do it. Best part of all the dog cant move the larger 40mm rock. so no more digging!

5Th October 2014 

1st April 2015 
10th November 2016

The palms love this spot. We realise they will eventually be too big for the space in years to come. We keep trimming them to thin them out. They look so good with the pebbles around them.

View of palms from the living room, they are a perfect screen to the fence only 1m away! Another year i don't think we will see much of the fence at all.

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