Monday, 17 June 2013

Phone calls phone calls emails emails and more phone calls

I wonder what will be the largest number of phone calls and emails i make in a day. Today i spoke to optus and NBNco to find out what needs to be done with the telco wiring. Spoke to stocklands to discuss the brick options and the BAL ratings and the driveway width as we would like to widen it. Spoke to the RFS and of course the council again in relation to the BAL rating.

All these phone calls mixed with emails to EBH and stocklands and a Bushfire management assessor we are thinking of using to get our rating.

There is just so much information to find out and research and not enough hours in the day to get it all done. I have spoken to some lovely people and everyone has been so helpful in answering my queries.

Still a bit of a grey area with the BAL rating but will discuss more with EBH at our tender presentation.

On a side note our land is registered and i was emailed the copy of the 149 certificate. Not that i really know what that is, but its nice to be handed an official looking document and know its one less thing on my never ending "to do" list that i don't have to chase up anymore.

Here is our new piece of Oz.cant wait until its offically ours.

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