Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tender Presentation turned into tender week

What a crazy week the past 7 days have been. We had our tender presented to us last wednesday and this week has seen me sitting in front of the computer every night working out our budgets and trying to find information on all the hidden costs that we could be faced with. What standard colour options are in the range and what is an upgrade. I think i emailed the tender presenter 100 questions (no joke either)  im sure she will be glad to see the back of me.

We were given a copy of the draft contract, that was fun to read - NOT! a lot of it was hard to take in and understand hopefully its all pretty straight forward with no hidden nasties that can see us get caught out at any stage.

I know what i want, and what i would like as an upgrade. We have looked at options to do our own tiling, driveway and carpet. So many more phone calls were made this week to tradies to try and get an indication of what things cost. I think we will defiantley do our carpet as its only the bedrooms and home theatre. The driveway seems like a bit of a hard one to tackle and the tiles - well i just dont know if a cost saving of $!500-$2000 is worth all the extra hassle. Atleast if they are done with EBH and there is any issues we can take it up with them.

Tomorrow we head to head office again to accept our tender and pay the $2500 so we can move to the next stage. The contract will be prepared and the plans drawn up. If we choose to proceed with everything we pay the deposit and get "locked in" not to sure what other admin there will be after that.

Im really excited to get past this stage. The count down is on until we can pick our colours for the house - something that im pumped to do although something that hubby would rather not have to go through. 2 full days of choosing colours a dream come true for me and a nightmare for him. 

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