Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Pretty much over Internals now

So 2 weeks ago i was all pumped and really excited to be choosing our internals at HOG, and now the process has dragged out and im over it. We have pretty much finalised all our internals now. Kitchen is done, Electrical is done, Tiling is done, a few more decisions with plumbing (who would of thought choosing a kitchen sink mixer would be so hard). 

Its been one heck of an experience, and one im not ready to experience again anytime soon. Prices are way too high on most things which just leaves me feeling deflated, all the work sitting there looking at products and you wait for the prices to come through and they are too high! such a waste of time really.

I will be writing about each internal appointment once i have some more time on my hands. I think there are certain things that people need to realise before choosing to build with Eden Brae. The companies that are associated with them through HOG need to take a good hard look at how badly they are ripping customer off. Mostly the whole experience has been really disappointing  They don't budge on price , don't throw in any freebies or favours. Its almost like they have the attitude that they have your business and prey on peoples emotions to want a perfect house at hand over that they feel they can charge what they like. There is no competition so they don't try hard to win your business over.Everything comes at a cost! I can count more times that i have been annoyed in the past 2 weeks than happy - so that says a lot about the process, no wonder im feeling so deflated right now. 

The only good thing i have to say is that the staff are lovely to deal with, they respond to emails quickly and offer a high level of customer service, its not their fault they have to hand out they exorbitant prices - they are only doing their job, atleast they do it with a smile "oh no sorry we cant offer an $80 discount" - spending 300 thousand on a house and they cant even offer an $80 discount to make me a happy customer and perhaps even consider recommending them to friends and family - ill be writing about this discount later on! let me tell you i was not happy!


  1. I have felt exactly the same as you over the past few weeks I feel like ringing dept of fair trading as things advertised in the show homes aren't correctly prices - false advertising to the max

  2. Ive thought about the same thing too! its a joke really. they suck you in and once you sign the contract dont seem to want to give at all. and thre are so many little hidden things that they dont tell you about - i guess all builders are the same though.