Thursday, 5 September 2013

Settlement Day - The land is now ours!

The land is offically ours! One less thing to have to stress about, although now that the block is nice and clean we will be hoping that no one decides to take the opportunity to dump any rubbish on it!

For a while we didn't think that the developer would clear the block for us, but they came through with the goods in the 11th hour and it it cleaned only hours before settlement!

At Two O'Clock today we received the phone call from our conveyencor to say that everything had gone through and it was officially ours!

A great way to kick off the weekend! Bring on site start! im eager to get the ball rolling now and get through these internal selections and get our final plans drawn up.


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  1. Yay! Very happy for you guys. I've had your blog saved on my phone for a while now and was hanging for a new entry. Look forward to the building journey getting even more exciting for you!