Monday, 26 August 2013

Here I sit on "Internal Selection Day" I ready?

The night before the internal Selections day. I'm so pumped, so excited! All the stress and hard work researching every night for 4 months, chatting on forums and emailing other people building asking what seems like thousands of questions. Sitting here at the computer for hours and hours each night on pinterst, houzz, Eden Brae galleries plus other builders display home galleries, and google images looking for inspiration. 
Driving around to shops and other estates looking for ideas. Many visits to display homes dragging the kids around kicking and screaming! ive lost count on the amount of food bribes ive used to make sure my kids behave in shops as we try to look at flooring options and more.We only need to pull up to a shop and get the pram out and my son instantly starts to go stiff and screech at the stop of his lungs. Poor kids!!! its been tough on them as it has on us. But its all worth it in the end, its a shame they are to young to understand.

All the build up......all for this.......Internal Selection Day!

9am tomorrow morning we shall walk through the HOG front doors and the world of taps, kitchen sinks, paint colours, doors, handles, benchtops, vanities, baths and much much more! 

Oh please pricing god fairies be kind to us! we don't ask for much! we only ask to give us those things at a reasonable price that will turn our house into a home for our family. A few special upgrades to the kitchen and bathroom to put our mark on it and make it "ours"

Cant wait to share with you all what we have selected. Our dream home is starting to take shape now. This is defiantly the most exciting day of the whole process for me! i love design and looking at interior colours even more challenging when we have a strict budget to stick to as well, we need to make sure we make the smart choices to complete our home and give it the appeal for years to come. 

lets see if i can calm down enough to get some sleep tonight.

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