Saturday, 17 August 2013

Display Centre visit for kitchen colour inspiration

Today was another couple of hours at the display centre measuring up robes, laundry  WIP and the study area for post handover works. I also made some final notes on things i can discuss at HOG when we have our internal appointment  Little things like making sure i find out where the tiles and mirrors in bathrooms end as i want them all to line up for a streamlined look.

I also went through several other display homes trying to find inspiration for kitchen colours. Its really hard! none of the display homes are to my taste so i didn't gain much out of it. Instead i drooled over some of the alfresco areas, and some of the large 42sq double storey monsters that have so much space its crazy - you could never complain of lack of space in those beautiful homes.

Came home with many ideas to discuss, and got out all the laminex swatches to see if we could eliminate some colours we didn't agree on or didn't like. I think i have ordered over 30 swatches from Laminex, and we have narrowed it down to about 6 and of those 3 are real possibilities.

Its hard to think of today's trends may not be tomorrows trends and pick up on the things that are, and hopefully they wont date too much in the years to come. Id love to go with the trends which is a lot of wood grain, but a bit scared off in case in ages quickly so i will look at doing the woodgrain panels in the bathrooms i think (well who knows i change my mind daily)

As of today, this very minute (lol) we are edging towards the grey neutrals with the warmth of a nice brown hue. Yes we both agree! which is one step closer then i thought we would be! Still unsure whether to go a 2 tone kitchen or not, and im thinking if i do ill do my unsafe colour as the overheads which can easily be changed with minimal fuss years down the track if the trend passes.

Our kitchen has no natural light which i need to be mindful of when choosing the colours. This is way harder than i ever thought it would be.

Here is what we are thinking:-

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