Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Finally a fence on all 3 sides of our block

We now finally have a fence all around our yard! Its literally taken a couple of months to track down fencers and get quotes organised and then decide who to go with. Most fencers were too busy, or didn't seem interested in the job because it was only one side. In the end i could only get 2 companies out of the 10 or more that i rung that gave me quotes! I guess when your trade is in high demand you can pick and choose your work! Half their luck, as a business its a great position to be in, but lots of businesses out there certainly aren't earning any brownie points with me due to their lack of interest to want my job!

The chosen company was Bill Gibson Fencing. Michael was great. Really friendly and offered some great advice and feedback. Was willing to listen to what we wanted and didn't just want to do it "his way" there was a wait of approx 2 weeks from the time we accepted the quote. The fence took 2 days to put up. The boys dug the holes and set out the frames on the first day and then did the panels the following day.

So happy! I feel more secure now, dont have everyone looking in. and we are just that little bit closer to getting our dog back into our yard.

The boundaries are tight thats for sure! I remember when the house was first sited on the block and the boundary was 900mm on the RHS. The clever person at EBH decided to atleast go 950mm to make the boundary that litlte bit bigger for our bins. At the time i didn't think much of it, I knew that it would be tight down that side, but we didn't want the house to be any closer to the boundary on the LHS, so agreed with the 950mm.

Now that we are in and ordering the gate im realising just how lucky we are that we did have the 950mm.
Once the fence went up that gap between house and fence closed into 900mm, and once we add the 2 posts for the gate the gate closes in too approx 780mm - a large garbage bin is 600mm and a lawnmower pretty close to that as well! Not much else will fit through their due to downpipes, and electrical boxes make the squeeze even tighter!

It will do! And once all the yard is done we wont have a need to bring anything wide through there! and if we do maybe we could bring it through our 1200mm wide front door and out the back that way.

Fence is Gramline Branded the colour is Slate Grey - Same as Woodland Grey colorbond.

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