Thursday, 9 October 2014

Backyard Grass - Sapphire

Finally a bit of  green action happening in the backyard. I was well and truly over the dirt in the yard and ready for turf. We hadn't had any rain for SOOOOO long and right before we want to turf it rains for 2 weeks and we couldnt get anything seemed even the gods above didn't want me to see a yard with grass. But alas the ground tried up, we got our turf underlay down and purchased a beautiful stack of Buffalo "Sapphire"  from All year Round Turf in Wilberforce. Cost us $6.50sqm plus delivery

When i look back at the old photos i have quickly forgotten what we had when we first moved in and 5 months on we have the beginnings of a proper backyard.

Lets take a moment to remember those good ol' days of dirt.............

From This
Photo Taken 4th April - 5 Months Ago
Photo Taken 18th May 2014
Keep Going.....
Photo Taken 3rd August 2014
Now This.......
Photo Taken 6th September - Turf Underlay Down

6th September - Almost done
 All Done.....

We were originally going to pave the top section near the alfresco, but decided to turf it for now, softens the edges, gives the kids some grass to play on and i can see them playing from the living room. Im sure the dog will love sitting up there in the sun too

Its been just on a month since the turf has been laid in the back yard. Hubby was keeping the water upto it a fair bit over the first couple of weeks, and now it has firmly established itself int he ground and is growing happily. Time to pull out the mower soon!

Next Job....The Front Yard

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