Thursday, 16 October 2014

"Vinyl Planks are Not Lino" says Blogger Lime&Mortar - So True!

When my friend in WA had built 2 homes and used vinyl planks it made me start researching them to find out what they were all about. She swore by them and would never consider anything else. Then another friend in the building game stumbled across them a couple of years ago and laid them in his house and has never regretted. Both have small kids, and with a young family of my own i didn't want to spend the money on real wood and be paranoid that it would get damaged. The more i looked into it the more i felt it was the right flooring solution for us.

And for those that have followed my blog you would have read my posts on the vinyl install - HERE

And check out Lime & Mortar post Lime&Mortar - Check this vinyl Out she further explains what vinyl actually is, and also shows some pretty amazing photos of how good her vinyl planks look.

No regrets here! and so glad she put me onto it.

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