Monday, 15 July 2013

Contract Signing Delayed a week

A very frustrating week of playing the waiting game. EBH not returning my emails, phone calls and SMS's was frustrating to say the least. I was just about to complain to management about the lack of communication when i finally got in contact with them and after a week of waiting i have all the answers that i need.

We made some last minute structural changes, which have been given the go ahead and the plans need to be re-drawn. This has pushed our contract signing back another week - that is if we get our plans by the end of the week. I want to allow a few days to be able to go over them and check them properly and make sure the changes we have requested have been documented correctly.

EBH ensure me the level of communication will pick up - it better be otherwise im not oging to be happy! i dont like the fact we are making the biggest investment of our lives and they can't even return a phone call or an SMS to polietely say my message is received and they are looking into it.

We also met with the conveyancor on Friday. Helen from "Explorer's Conveyancing" in St Clair. She was lovely explained everything we need to do, but our hands are tied, we cant exchange on the land until we have signed the building contracts.

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