Monday, 8 July 2013

Making decisions is so hard

I have been to Di Lorenzo 5 times now and i sitll can't decide on a tile that i love. With most of the house tiled i really want to get this right! Ive worked on the budget and because i want waterfall edges on my kitchen bench tops and a few other nice upgrades to the house i can't afford to have the porcelain tiles. yet everything i like when i look at a tile ends up being an Italian porcelain tile and at $100 sqm just for a tile + the $37sqm extra we have to pay its about a $10,000 upgrade which just is not doable. How many more times will i go to Di Lorenzo before i decide on a tile that i will like.

The external decisions were a little easier, we both liked the standard brick option "Mocha" so no upgrade costs there, although we want off white mortar so i think around $300 upgrade charge on that one. We like the monument guttering and most likely dune fascia and garage door. Haven't seen the range of window colours as yet.

Carpet - i know what colour id like, and i think we will end up doing this after handover, we can get the upgraded carpet and 10mm underlay for the same price that EBH will refund us off the price of the house which is a nice saving.

I have an idea on the kitchen colours. So far looking at Crystal chalk essastone and possibly moleskin cupboards, id like a feature panel on the underside of the island bench too. just dont want my deicision to be "dated" in a few years time so im trying to think plain and boring and add my colour with accessories. I have no idea on the splashback options

Im looking forward to the HOG days, although i hope im prepared enough to make them as fun as possible. Paint colours im sure will be another hard one! its really hard to choose paint when you dont get to see it on the wall.

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