Monday, 29 July 2013

We have our plans

Finally we have our plans ready! Some last minute changes meant we had to wait another week, and then when Eden Brae had promised to send them through they still weren't ready so we had to wait a few more days. It was so exciting to see the plans with our names on it. feels real now. Another few rshed days of getting the kids to bed so we could look through the plans. I had to go through everything, im so paranoid i will miss something and this was the last opportunity to make any structural changes before EB proceed with the approvals. Any changes made from now on will cost us $$$ to make it happen. So obviously we don't want to be wasting money making changes that can be avoidable by checking them properly now.

Only a handful of things needed to be amended which is good, although still stressful. There were some last minute heated emails through to EB tender presenter. I really can't believe that we have to make a decision on how we want our "dream house" to look in a matter of weeks. In may we didn't think we would build and had never even seriously looked at a display home before and here we are 8 weeks later trying to sign off on a plan within 48 hours and we are expected to know what we are doing and what we want! the decisions are all very rushed. Perhaps its better for people who have built or people that study these things for years trying to work out what we want.

I've spent so many nights already on the computer researching and chatting to people on forums, and to family and too friends trying to figure out what we should and shouldn't have as part of our plan.

Already for this we are sacrificing a few things that we just an't afford or cant fit onto our block. This is ok! i hope! our house will be gorgeous when its finished! and hopefuly the things we have sacrificed on wont seem like such a big deal anymore.

Im starting to get really excited now. Colour selecting is the next big thing on the list! many nights ahead on the web, on pinterest and looking through magazines for inspiration  So much to think about! i just want it to be perfect and harmonising without being to plain and boring. There is a fine line here. I hope i don't cross it and the interior becomes boring for modern standards.

Here are our plans

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