Friday, 7 November 2014

Front Yard.......Turf

Now that the kids were happily playing in the back yard and enjoying the grass it was time to focus on the front yard.  

To Begin with we purchased the Link Edge Aluminium edging from masters. Its designed to almost look like an invisible edging once the landscaping is complete. It looks nice and neat and "minimal" just the way i like it.

Hubby found it pretty easy to install too, which was a bonus!

Link Edge in place ready to finish the Turf and pathway

Its a small space and didn't require too much turf so i had decided to order the grass and the underlay from the soil place to save on the delivery fees. They offered the Sapphire too so it seemed like the best plan. 

Only thing is the first weekend we ordered it, time was ticking away and we get a phone call at midday to say that the turf hadn't been ordered so they couldn't deliver the grass today. This leads to a very annoyed husband who had planned his weekend and we were so keen to see grass.

As he wasn't able to lay the turf, that's when he got stuck into doing the pathway instead.

Worked out well in the end as a guy down the road was also doing sapphire that same weekend had some spare rolls that he was able to give to us. So we laid down half the turf. This meant we could change our order, reduce the soil required and they threw in free delivery for the stuff around. Saved myself $100 - Winning!

The next weekend rolls around and they had promised to deliver the soil by 7am.........7:15 i joke to hubby and we both laugh wondering if they have forgotten us again. Hubby decides to call - guess what they FORGOT to place the order again! So by now both of us are annoyed. Were both on the phone to the soil place making sure they can find a turf farm that can cut some grass for us, we only needed 15 rolls to complete the front. Thank god they were able too, and later that morning the turf and the soil arrived with another gift cert for our troubles. All worked out well in the end. But it was so frustrating at the time. We plan our weekends so carefully so we can make sure we get things done so when things don't arrive when they should its easy to become frustrated.

Hubby spent the first couple of weeks giving it a good water, and we had some beautiful warm pre-summer weather which helped it too.

It was down about 5 weeks i think and he was able to give it a mow, its growing so well, and really starting to thicken up now.

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