Friday, 7 November 2014

Native Trees & Shrubs - Front Garden

Next on the list to research was the plants! We knew we wanted natives, needed to be something that wouldn't grow to big, easy maintenance  and also look semi formal - or at least neat! We have a small family and the last thing we want to be doing every weekend is spending hours in the garden! 

I had narrowed my search down to a few of the Lilly Pilly / Acmena varieties and after ringing some local nurseries i discovered that none of them sold the plants i wanted. Thinking this meant they weren't popular for the area i was back researching some more varieties.

Our final selections were both available at flower power, although normally an expensive place to shop for plants they had a sale on so the pricing was as competitive as the local nursery and they had the qty we needed in stock so we could buy all the plants at once.

Plants chosen

Lilly Pilly BackYard Bliss - to screen out the 2 neighbouring properties, these prune well to shape, and can be easily maintained at fence height with a width of 1m. so in a small space they seem like a good choice.

Acmena Smithii - Allyns Magic
This Acmena variety has a natural dense growing habit, and only reaches about 70-90cm. More commonly the smaller side of the heights. It doesn't need much pruning, is psylid free and im hoping will form a nice natural front hedge with hopefully not too much maintenance as far as pruning goes.

Allyns Magic Fully Established

And here is the front garden after hubby had finished working on it! We both had a vision of how we wanted it to look and i think he has made it come to life perfectly.

The mulch we chose was a Cypress Mulch, Its pretty fine, so might end up getting something a little chunky next time, will just wait to see how long it takes to break down. we dont want to be replacing it every year.

Next on the list was the mail box........... Will post when i get the chance! And that will complete our front garden.

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