Sunday, 3 November 2013

Final Plans and Documents are checked

I have now finished checking over the final plans. Nothing to  major to change, just a few things missing on one document that was on another document and thankfully nothing wrong with the pans so there will be no delays or extra costs involved there. We were supposed to have this all done a week a go but KC had the kitchen plans wrong so we spent 2 days wasting time there while they got the plans updated and sent off to KC. If i only i could charge them a $150 admin fee for wasting my time! grrrr - still so annoyed they charged us that fee.

So this is it the point of no return. The final plans will be what the construction team use. So i hope they are right. Too late now if i have missed anything. But i can honestly say i have checked the plans now about 6 times and if they weren't right for the CDC approval then we would of ran into some issues and extra costs and more time wasting to be had.

So here i am still stuck in this admin hole! thought id be out of it by now, but something always pops up and delays things for a few days! But i can feel the count down is on! the day i see "released into construction  of the EBH portal will be a VERY VERY happy day!

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