Friday, 15 November 2013

Our Big Door 2340 x 1200mm Dream was not meant to be

I thought i would tell you all about our Front door dramas to alert others if they are in a similar situation to us.  From Day 1 we wanted to have the "display options" 2340x1200mm Eden 4 Door as viewed at the kellyville display home. We were told to have this size we needed to go 9ft ceilings. So we also increased the height of the ceiling in the entry way to accomadate this. We couldn't afford to have 9ft ceilings throughout.

This door at this size got through the whole process - Tender, Contract, DA Check, Final Plans Check. And on the eve of signing when i was checking off the plans it suddenly dawned on me that we had chosen a larger bed 1 door that went with the display options pricing package, But how can a 2340 door open up into a room that could only accomadate the standard 2040 door. When i questioned this to EBH they said that i was right, that we couldn't have this large door, but we also couldn't have our entry door either.

In order to get the larger entry door that we wanted the frames for our whole house needed be to 9ft. Not just the ceilings, So increasing the ceilings still leaves the standard 8ft frames, and therefore the 2340 door will not fit. So only hours before we were due to sign off we were hit with this information. Not only had we paid the extra $950 now for 9ft ceilings for no reason, but we couldn't have the larger door that we wanted.

We now have a 2040x1200 door in a 9ft ceiling space. Hopefully it looks ok and doesn't seem out of place. Ill have to hang a nice pendant light in the entry to try and fill the space now. And i guess the higher ceilings as you enter the house still might look ok - cross fingers! trying to find positives to this stuff up! 

We were eager to push forward, and even though EB said we could remove the ceilings if we wanted to without the admin fee, it would mean further delays and more PCV's to sign off and to us it wasn't worth it. EB had promised to get us into construction as quickly as possible as a result and in the end this happened within 8 working days instead of the 20 Working days they allow.

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