Friday, 22 November 2013

Piering, Plumbing & Formwork completed

We have had so much rain over the past couple of days, and constant thunder rolling around the suburbs.  I took a drive out to the block this evening and the place looks like a swimming pool. I had to slip and slide through the mud to get the photos of the back of the block. 

Was surprised to see all the peiring, plumbing and formwork were also done, i had only expected the fences to be there with all the rain we have had at our place.

The other day the block was so dry and neat and now its a mud pit! i hope the rain holds off over the weekend, looking forward to seeing the pods arrive next

Plumbing Placement

Left Hand Side Boundary. Drops off to the rear approx 600mm.
No drop edge beam, soil comes out 900mm from slab line approx

Backyard with Main Bathroom in View
Kitchen & Laundry
Main Bathroom

Back Yard - Will be fun removing that soil

Backyard - Will end up approx 6m from rear of the house

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