Wednesday, 27 November 2013

We have been SLABBED!

6 months & 5 days from the deposit to slab! So exciting  and now that we see it, its been worth the wait. Friends comment "its only cement" but until you build i guess you dont understand the full extent of how exciting a huge piece of concrete is. From this we can see how our house will sit on the block, the size of yard (not much lol) the retaining walls (eeekkk) lots of work to be done, but we will get there.

I was hoping id be able to see the slab get poured, and was going to sneek up at 6:30am this mroning to see if trucks were starting to line up, but didn't think it would be happening yet!

Then a spy tells me by 9am is finished, then SS rings to say its all done! Wow so quick! 

I think it will take a week to cure before the frames will arrive. Im meeting with SS tomorrow to discuss the timeline of the build and answer any queries i have! cant wait. SS is sounding like a true champion so far. And lately with some of the "stories" ive heard im hoping my SS stays a true champion and looks after us.

1 week exactly from site scape to slab! with some massive down pours in between id say thats awesome timing! So stoked there were no delays and they moved forward so quickly!

Big bits of foamy stuff  called pods that sit under slab - lol
Pods Ready and waiting to be covered with cement

Our very own special piece of cement we will soon call our home

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