Friday, 18 April 2014

Driveway Finished

For the past week i was beginning to think it would never stop raining and settlement would be delayed until it was dry enough to pour our driveway. Thankfully it cleared up and the weather gods have put on some of the best sunny weather i have seen for a long time!  Just in time for Easter, and just in time for the driveway to be completed before Easter. 

Our driveway selection was Colour On Concrete (Colour through is an upgrade of approx $35sqm) and the colour is gunmetal! It is sealed once, and the concreter recommended we do it ourselves again soon to just help it maintain its colour for longer. When it starts to fade i was told that i can purchase the colour sealer in gunmetal to bring the colour back up.

Gunmetal goes perfectly with the tones of the house. Couldn't be happier.

Scott the concreter and his team did an awesome job, and he was happy enough to deal with some last minute panic attacks about the shape and slope of it.  - Thanks so much Scott!

The shape of our driveway - Width approx 5.5m

15th April - Driveway formed Up

Damaged Footpath had to be replaced too

16th April - Driveway Pour

Concrete Leveled to portico for future tiling

17th April - Driveway Sealed

Council Requires us to have plain concrete to the cross over, and also into our yard. Cheaper for them if something happens they have to replace to use plain concrete! We hate it - and so do all the other residents in the area! grrrrr

Driveway slopes down so we required a grated drain

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  1. It took two more times - a week apart - to get the results that you see here in the second (AFTER) picture. The driveway is now ready for a proper sealer.split rail fence cost