Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Emotions of building in the eyes of a 4 year old

A little bit of fun for tonight...........

The other day i discovered my daughter got hold of my building notebook and had decided to draw a face on about 8 of the pages. As i flicked through each of the faces it had occurred to me that i could relate each face back to an emotion i was feeling during the Admin process.

I couldn't contain my laughter, and i guess its one of those classic "had to be there moments" but the innocence of my daughter drawing these faces to almost exactly replicate what i have been feeling over the course of the admin process was just way to special to not share with you all!

Perhaps we have all felt like we had faces like this during each phase of the admin process! Thankfully the building process has been one big happy SMILEY face - it makes up for the first stressful, emotional, time consuming first 6 months of building your own home.

These photos are uploaded in the order she drew them

Tender Presentation - Happy Slightly nervous

Contract Signing - Eeeekk no turning back now

Colour Selection - Hoping the colours all match and compliment each other

Prices for upgrades -  Going over budget and having to remove some items

Confused - So much to think about, so much to do in such a small amount of time!
What if i have missed something in the planning stage.

Paperwork, Emails & Phone calls - Enough to send anyone crazy!

Waiting for council approval & Finance approval -
A day can seem like a week as you wait for a response

Admin Finished - Survived - only just! Lets start building

Watching our house being built - Happy Days!

I told my daughter she has to draw one final drawing of our family and our new house!

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