Friday, 18 April 2014

Our Home Almost Complete

Dirt removed from the site now, only one pile of rubbish remains and the mesh around the driveway to take off and we will be able to see our home complete. The dirt at the front isnt very good so there will be plenty to remove before we get ready for our grass and plants

We have had several people asking what we will do leading down to our mail box. We will have a straight path that leads down, with wood look pavers, or cement sleepers and native grasses either side.

At this stage we will most likely tile the portico, but may consider some decking that can extend out past the portico too. There are plenty of ideas as we drive around our new estate. So many homes being built and some people have really nice simple gardens so i dont think we will ever be short for ideas.

Choosing a mail box is harder than you think. There is a lot of choice, but the really nice ones are quite expensive. 

Front garden - Haven't even began to think about this as yet! will shape up the path and get the dirt leveled and see what we have to work with. Its a nice small space to work with so im looking forward to finding some plants to go most likely across the front windows and then another row of plants to follow along the front of the foot path.

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