Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The house is all ours......Settlement 28th April

Im so excited to announce that the house is now all ours! 

Settlement has taken place and we had the keys in our hands by 10:30am yesterday 28th April!

Could not be happier right now! Settlement went well, met with SS at 7:30am yesterday morning and he went through the PCI list so we could double check to make sure all the things we brought to his attention had been done.

There were so many sticky dots for paint and gyprock repair during PCI how would i truly know if they have all been done. All i do know is the house looked amazing. Couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

Any further things we discover we can have fixed during our 13 week maintenance check.

After meeting with SS we drove to norwest to meet with our CSA for the last time, AM went through all the paperwork for the house, and gave us all the certificates that belong with it too. 

After we handed over our final cheque we were presented with our keys and a lovely giftbox with a set of white towels in it.

So for now we just get to enjoy our new home - well not quite yet! we need to do our flooring. 

Tony from Choices Flooring, Richmond Road Blacktown will be doing all the flooring for the house. Im meeting with Lee tomorrow so they can begin the install! 

Will be one happy duck when the floors go in, and i CAN NOT wait for carpet with underlay! i think we have 1mm underlay in our current house and my dream has always been to have lush thick underlay to walk on.

Here is a key that symbolises not only 12 months of the biggest emotional roller coaster ride i will ever be faced with, but also the key to our new chapter in life, a brand new start for my family. And i cant wait to start living it!

Thank You so much Eden Brae!  You have just made me realise that dreams do come true!

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